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freestyle to breastroke.gif
standing to freestyle.gif
freestyle to standing.gif
The Swimmer: Sense of Space
Team Animation Project
I was a producer and animated all of the animations above: floating to standing, freestyle, breaststroke and transition movement between each swimming style.
Our key reference was a soundtrack created by Kamil Sznajder. Then we had to animate and design the installation based on his soundtrack.
All of them were projected on a water-filled plastic box, and the audience was able to interact with the water and projected swimming animation.
Credit all goes to:
Luxi Rong: Director, environment designer, video editor, set designer
Minjoo Kim: Producer, head animator, set designer
Anouska Lee: Character designer, animator, set designer
Thomas Murphy: Animator
Andrew Lee: Assistant environment designer
Wolfgang Storm: Animator
Kamil Sznajder: Sound designer
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