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A girl called Starlette who lives an everyday life gets tangled with a mysterious invisible girl wearing a Red Dress called Cornella.


Starlette and her friends try to help Cornella return to normal, but many dangers and adventures await them...

Red Dress is a self-initiated project - I created and produced all of the characters, concepts, sound effects, environments and a teaser animation above.


This story is about Starlette and her friends helping Cornella restore her normal self by travelling through people's memories and places with significant events in the past and gathering clues. And soon enough... they will also find out how Cornella became invisible and who caused it.

Starlette Brown
Cornella Estabara
Ozera Law Profile.jpg
Tenzen Konig Profile.jpg

Characters from Red Dress

Environment work from Red Dress

Sketches of Red Dress Characters

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