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PersonalChemist: About Us

I worked as an animator for a private healthcare online consultation  company. I directed and designed the characters and environments.

I also directed the overall style for the animations.


About Us animation is a vector-based introduction video explaining the reason and purpose of PersonalChemist.

PersonalChemist: A&E Pre-check Animation

A&E Pre-check is one of the services that PersonalChemist offer, and I made another vector animation for the blog from their website. It shows how the patients and chemists would communicate and use this service.

PersonalChemist: How To Use Video

For the How To Use video, I recorded the computer screen to demonstrate how to use the PersonalChemist website and their main services. I also did the voice-over for this video.

Character Designs and Test for How To Use video

Promo Banner Slider for the Website

Official PersonalChemist website:

Vector illustrations for About Us Animation are from: 

Go to:

 © All the works above are under PersonalChemist copyright

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