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Maggie, a fun-loving puppy, loves trying new things, but her impulsive nature and appetite for adventure often get her into some sticky situations!

This was a team collaboration project with MA Screenwriters, where we had to create a TV series premise. Animators were in charge of visuals such as character, environment design, teaser animation and concept art for each episode. The concept of Maggie Tries It All! was originated from Amber Loutfi.

I was the art director, producer, head animator and character designer. I also contributed to some background work, which you can see on the sliders below.

Pitch Pack for Maggie Tries It All!

We want to encourage young children to try all the different activities and be adventurous, even if it's not perfect on the first try!

Maggie Tries It All! also encourages diverse ethnicities, as you can see from people of all different nationalities in Taekwondo episode concept art. 

All of the character design development for Maggie, Charlie and Dabby & Jumbo.

So please enjoy the journey of their design from the beginning till now! (The first slides of each character are the final version)

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