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A wizard time travelling through the Labyrinth... What challenges will he face and what will he find in the end...?


A team collaboration project with game designers, Peter Gatrell and Hassan Iqbal. Animators had to design and animate the characters and environment for their game. And we had to create a concept video.


I was a producer, environment designer and animator, character designer and animator. 

Environment Design and Animation Video

Concept Video made by one of my team members, Cassia Edwards.

All of the environment work was handmade and animated traditionally. Each of the pieces was made of paper, painted with watercolour. Cobwebs, chains and statue shattering were animated with a rostrum camera.


Level 1 - Environment Design


Level 2


Level 3


Protagonist Character Designs

Final Protagonist Character Design

All of the environment work pieces for Wizdom 

Credit all goes to:


Peter Gatrell: Game Designer

Hassan Iqbal: Game Designer

Cassia Edwards: Art director, Head character animator, character designer, video editor

Minjoo Kim: Producer, character and environment designer and animator

Alison Lee: Special effect animator, assistant monster animator, storyboarder

Dilan Han: Monster designer and animator

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