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A life-changing product especially for your personality!

Positivme is a product that enables you to change your personality to what you desire!

Positivme has won awards from the London Independent Film Awards, IndieFEST Film Awards and selected for the Big Spring Film Festival, Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival, Lift-Off Showcase Extravaganza, Paris Short Film Festival, Paris Lift-Off Film Festival, FLICKFAIR Film Festival and

New York Tri-State International Film Festival.


It was selected as Honourable Mention and Nominee for the Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Sicily Independent Film Awards,

Film Today Festival and Madrid International Short Film Festival.


It was also selected as a semi-finalist and finalist for the Rome Independent Prisma Film Awards, Montreal Independent Film Festival, JellyFEST Film Festival, Roma Short Film Festival, New Wave Short Film Festival, Seoul International Short Film Festival, FULLSHOT Cine Mag Fest and Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival.

Positivme also did a written interview with Film Today Festival!

Click the link below to find out every detail about Positivme!!

A series of process videos of how Positivme was made!

Tired of feeling blue? Wish to be a better person for yourself, the people you care and the world? Positivme has your back and is ready to make your wishes come true!

This is a series of three 2D mixed-media advertisement animations promoting a futuristic sci-fi product, ‘Positivme’. It is a product that can change our personalities to what we want. ​Therefore, we all could have an amazing and perfect personality, even if it means changing ourselves!

Character and infographic animations were done in 2D vector-based digital, and the background was all made by hand.


I would like to give a special thanks to positive people, my animation assistant Leo (Shuaikang) Li and narrator, Ze Ryž!


I designed the character and environment, concept, story, composed all the music apart from the main theme song, which is from, and animated it with some help from Leo.

Also, thank you, Su-Lynn Tan and Markos Kay from LCC (UAL), for your support!

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